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Originally Posted by karoolia View Post
I don't think I updated over here. We had our anatomy scan last week and everything was perfect! It took 1.5 hours and I was nervous at times, but everything he checked was where it should be and functioning the way it was supposed to function. We didn't find out the baby's sex though. DH really wants to be surprised. I'd like to know, but it's not a big deal to me so I agreed. Now we just sit and wait another 18 weeks and we'll get to meet baby!
I'm so glad everything looked great on your anatomy scan! I think it's great that you're waiting to find out the gender. I tried to stay team yellow when I was pregnant with DD2...FOB and I had decided that we would wait to have the experience (we found out with the older two) and since we already had a boy and a girl, we weren't too set on what we wanted to have. But I ended up getting an ultrasound after a trip to the ER and I just couldn't resist finding out - poor FOB wasn't even there I just can't handle the suspense

Originally Posted by KalonKiki View Post
Terah - I'm so incredibly sorry about your MMC. I'll get it added to the angel list.
I hope you're dong as well as you can, there will never be any judgement in this thread and we will always be here for you.

Karoolia - Congrats on a healthy baby at your anatomy scan! I admire your will power to not find out the sex, I had been itching to find out from the moment I got my with both of my babies. I'm hoping I can go team for my next pregnancy but my impatience may get the better of me again.
I'll have to look for your pregnancy journal, I'd love to follow it.
I felt movement for the first time at 17 weeks with DS too.

Alligator - I saw that you're 4 weeks pregnant in your signature, congrats on your and H&H 9 months! I'll get you added to the preggo list.

Sorry I've been gone for a while ladies. It's been hard for me to get on here lately, I've been so broody and feeling hopeless because I'm not sure that DH will feel ready to TTC next Fall like I'm hoping. He seems very set against having another baby at the moment and of course I'm feeling incredibly ready to have another baby right now. Like I'd start TTC this cycle if he asked even though next year would realistically feel better. It could be because trying now would give us roughly the same age gap that DS and DD have and I like their age gap but who really knows why the broody bug has bitten me so hard lately. It doesn't help that DS has been begging us for a baby brother on a near daily basis for the past couple of weeks, even though DH and I would both prefer another girl.
Thank you

I'm sorry you're feeling hopeless and I will keep all my fingers (and toes!) crossed that your DH gets on board soon.

Originally Posted by lesondemavie View Post
Hi all, DH and I are WTT for #2 right now. After a rocky journey to baby #1, we welcomed our daughter into this world this past July. I知 35 and it took 2 years from start to baby in my arms the first go around, so we plan to start trying again soon. I知 hoping the second time will be faster since we know why we had trouble now and it痴 a somewhat easy fix. Still I知 nervous about opening myself back up to the heartache and grief we experienced in 2016. My heart goes out to those experiencing the shock and grief of a missed miscarriage now .

I知 currently back at work pumping and still breastfeeding when home and no sign of AF yet. The plan is to stop pumping in January when baby girl is 6 months. I知 a little nervous about weaning bc bfing is such a comfort for her, so I値l probably still let her suck when I知 home and we値l see how it goes. I知 thinking AF should return soon after I stop, and as soon as the witch is back ttc is a go. I知 hoping that means we値l be back at it in February 2018. They say ttc before a year puts you at greater risk of miscarriage but so does aging, so I知 hoping 6 months will be a good in between for us. We are both back on all of our ttc vitamins and well I will eventually have to test out dtd again (which has been the furthest thing from my mind since delivery).

Looking forward to getting to know you all and cheers to our dreams coming true
Welcome! I hope you have an easier time TTC #2

I'm still breastfeeding DS2 - he's 14 months now. AF came back in April when DS was 8 months old. Once he started eating more solids, my cycles started to come back. They've been pretty irregular, but they were starting to get closer to normal when I got pregnant this last time. I was really hesitant to wean DS and I'm glad that I didn't have to in order for AF to show up again. FX it'll be the same for you!

AFM - I'm doing pretty well, all things considered. As of my last blood test (two weeks after mc), HCG levels were down to 4. I have my (hopefully) final blood test next week and then we should officially get the green light to TTC again, not that we've been careful Also, last week, we moved. We were finally able to get a rental in the city/neighborhood that we liked and I'm so, so happy to be back. DH and the big kids are too. DS2 is too young to really care We weren't sure if the move was even going to happen, so DH and I were completely unprepared and had nothing packed...but we got it done. In two days we were able to pack and move everything with all three kids in tow. It was crazy, but so worth it!

We had a bit of a scary night tonight. I put DS2 in his crib for bed and he was playing around a little like he always does. I was sitting in my room and I heard him start to cry/scream. So I went rushing in by him and my poor baby had his leg stuck in between the slats of his crib I called DH (who was working) and told him to come home because I couldn't get Everett's leg out of the crib. So DH gets home and he can't get Everett unstuck either! DH called the non-emergency police line and they were able to send a public safety officer to come help. So finally, DH and the public safety officer found a saw and were able to cut the slat on DS's crib and get his leg free while I sat in the crib with him to keep him calm and still. Luckily, Everett is doing just fine now, but he'll have a nasty bruise on his leg. He was happy and running around once he was free, though. It was quite the experience and I'm glad that it wasn't worse because it was so scary. Everett did not like the officer after he started sawing, which was kind of funny - I've never seen him glare at someone like that before

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Oh my gosh your poor little guy! How scary for all of you. I'm sure more scary for parents though, luckily he won't remember but you sure will! I'm glad all was well in the end.

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I'm glad Everett is doing ok!

Yeah I don't have the job anymore but I still was paid today for the five days I worked so that's good! I have no hard feelings against the restaurant sometimes things just don't work out.

Speaking of jobs in September I put in my resume at the dairy queen here and a woman left a voicemail today on my phone to set up an interview. I haven't called back and need to update my resume to include the restaurant. I'm not sure when I'll call DQ.

Unfortunately two weeks ago yesterday I had another seizure and went to the hospital. So now I'm going to be on medication for the rest of my life and I have an appointment with the neurologist Monday afternoon.

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