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How exciting k! The end with C dragged for me so much, but I went almost 2 weeks past my due date before being induced.

I started weaning off of pumping. Only one pump a day now, so going about 5 hours between bfing in the am and pumping, and then again between pumping and bfing in the evenings. Neither baby nor I are ready to wean off bfing, and Iím putting off mixing in formula to stretch out my freezer supply. As of now, my one pump is replacing what she eats at daycare. No sign of AF yet, but itís only been 2 weeks and weíve all been sick with colds and fevers for 3 weeks now.

Iíve decided that Iím going to keep bfing for now when Iím home. Seems that I can drop pumping entirely and my body will adjust to have more in the evenings and less during the day. Itís working out now with the one pump even on weekends, but I think we may need to supplement on weekends once I stop pumping entirely. I figure my supply will be low during the day bc my body wonít know the difference between a weekday and the weekend. Guess weíll cross that bridge when we get there.

Dealing with the realization that AF may not be back as soon as Iíd like which means we canít start ttc baby 2 as soon as we planned has helped me to realize that I am looking forward to trying for a second. Itís a bit frustrating waiting for AF but we need the time to nap-train anyway...just need these colds to pass first and then itís no more naps in my arms. Otherwise us cosleeping parents will have zero alone time to dtd 😂

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It's your month February TTC/NTNPers! Best of luck and lots of baby dust. Please remember to keep us updated on your journeys.

*February 2018*

Jasy - Baby #2

Stacip - Baby #2

Demotivated - Baby #2

lesondemavie - Baby #2

ssarahh - Baby #2, going team

Bumblebee24 - Baby #2, NTNP and going team

blauren - Baby #1

Sophie1205 - Baby #2

JennP - Baby #1

BrittneyAnne - Baby #1

aidensxmomma (Terah) - Baby #5 (Baby #2 with OH)

sarah34 - Baby #2

AnjaaniPari - Baby #1 w/ PCOS, taking Clomid

karoolia - Oh my gosh, you're getting so close to your due date now! I'm so excited that you'll get to meet your baby soon.

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Kalon how are things with you!?

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Hey ladies

Can I join? Looking for people in a similar situation to talk to.
I'm 27 and my OH is 22 we have been together for 2 years now. With plans to marry in the future when we have the money, OH is a total petrol head and I would rather we saved for his dream car first (serious brownie points earned)
I've been hit with baby fever this last year or So (think it's my age ) although I have been silent about it. But this last 6 months my other half has had it real bad. He really wants a baby and is constantly pointing out babies when we go out.
We are thinking the beginning of 2019 as we have a fair bit planned for us this year, a couple of holidays and a few weekends away. So we really want to take this year for us before we have a baby.
I'm going to come off bc before the year is out we think. As I have been on it for a long time and my cycles have always been a bit irregular so would be good to give them time to settle. We would be NTNP for the last couple months of the year to give us a good start TTCing in the new year. If we got pregnant straight away off bc that would be fine as all it would mean is I couldn't drink over Christmas and New year which is fine by me ( I'll be designated designated driver instead )
Anyway most of our friends are male and of them that have partners they aren't in as serious a place as we are (ie living together, engaged, have or wanting kids yet) so it's hard not having anyone to talk to about it as I don't want to keep going on at my OH about it cause I think it's different for guys (or at least him anyway) he doesn't think about the ins and outs of TTC; ovulation, tww, ect. he's all: 'it will just happen if I come off the pill' but I'm more of a planner. I like to plan for everything, lists are my best friend haha he is always laughing that I make list for everything. I just love to be organised
So anyway after this essay I will just say, I'd love to join you girlies.
Jay900- NTNP #1: October 2018

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