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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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preparing for TTC in advance

Hi guys just airing my plans hoping for some input/advice.
  1. We are in the process of making a seperate bank account with a different bank and will be saving at least 100 a month for a minimum of 8 months before we start TTC

    We have a family holiday abroad planned in August which is why I am not trying to conceive before August, would not risk flying pregnant.

    Slowly cutting down on caffeine

    Have an appointment to discuss coil on 10th August

    am i missing anything?


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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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I'm planning to start TTC in March and here's what I've started doing
- Saving money
- Taking a (gummy ) prenatal (at least make sure you're taking folic acid)
- Focusing on nutrition/healthy eating/drinking enough water
- Regular exercise
- Starting to cut out alcohol
- Tracking cycles after coming off BC
- Relaxation techniques to de-stress

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We are going to TTC in July and I am so ready! I don't necessarily have a list of to's beforehand, just try and be as healthy as possible and thought about starting OPKs to try and better understand my cycle. This will be our first and quite honestly I am not sure when and if I ovulate

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