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Hi KalonKiki! Welcome! Next September as in 2018? I don't think I could plan for a date that far away, I'd go insane wanting to try sooner!

What is gender swaying? I've never heard of it? Is it where you do things to try and get a certain gender? I didn't know that was possible!

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Yes I'm hopeful for September 2018 but I think my patience would start to run out around September 2020 so I'm really hoping it won't be any longer than that. Our DD is turning 1 in March and I don't mind a bigger age gap this time but I don't want it to be TOO big of a gap otherwise I'll be tempted to have a 4th and possibly go 2 under 2.
And yes, there are ways to increase the chance of having a boy or girl. Sometimes people gender sway without even realizing it by eating certain diets, the amount they BD, the timing of their BDing, ect. I combined pH theory with sperm count theory for my sway and it worked. I used RepHresh to lower my pH level to kill off the Y and we BDed lots to lower DH's sperm count. Swaying is generally a "sway at your own risk/it might take longer to get pregnant at all" kind of thing but we still got pregnant on the first cycle TTC.

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