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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Cycle suddenly irregular

Well, last month I was a few days late and had very sore breasts... Thinking I may be pregnant because my cycles are very normal, easy to track cycles. I know when I ovulate, when my AF is coming and it's never ever been off... Until now.
Suddenly I got my period, it came on just a couple days later than I thought was expected. Never turned heavy, but consistently 'spotted' at times becoming slightly more than other days. This 'period' never ended.. And I'm going on 16 days of bleeding. Went to the ob/gyn who did a pelvic exam, internal u/s and bloodwork and everything came back normal.
Now I'm waiting for them to ' prescribe' something to stop the bleeding...I think they wanted either a couple months bcp or progesterone for 10 days.
I'm so stressed! I don't want to be on bcp's I've always been able to track my ovulation... Now what do I do???!! I don't know what will happen to my ovulation or cycles when I try to end the birth control pills. Anyone been through this type of thing??

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I'm new here but something similar happened to me a few months ago, I got my period but it was not normal then less than a week later I started bleeding again heavy in the morning but not at all bt the end of the day and that lasted for almost 10 days then it stopped and the next month my period was 10 days late. I didn't go to the doctor cause it just so happens that was the month my health insurance needed to be reviewed or something, but I wasn't pregnant I took like a million tests, and my period has been pretty normal since then, a few days late last month but it still came, I think it was stress, because around that time I had started a new job, i think if you don't want to take medication and your period was normal before this than wait a month or two it's probably just a temporary hormone imbalance they can happen if you are stressed or if you were recently sick, sometime we get stressed even if we think we feel fine, I hope it gets sorted out, good luck : )

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