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lou belle
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When to stop using contraception???

Hey my OH and I are waiting until we're married before trying to conceive no. 2

We're getting married in June and my OH definitely doesn't want us to be even a little bit pregnant before our big day!

So I'm on the pill and just not sure when to stop taking it... would rather not have my period for wedding day and definitely not while on honeymoon!

What are others doing? Anyone been lucky enough to conceive really quickly after coming off the pill??

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I would stop when you come back from your honeymoon then if you plan to TTC straight away. I've gotten pregnant twice the 2nd month of trying straight after coming off the pill. I do have normal cycles and I have no reason to think I have any fertility issues (if you do, then that might mean you think of coming off sooner, but again, if you would rather use the hormones to control your periods for your wedding and honeymoon, I'd do that). My temps were a little more wonky the second time, but they settled down after one cycle off and obviously I got pregnant quickly both times. I'm also 36. My friend who is the same age has gotten pregnant twice now coming off the pill the first cycle without even getting a period! You know your body and what's right for you though, but if it was me, I'd say on until you get through everything and back from your honeymoon so you don't have to be worrying about it when you should be enjoying yourself.

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I agree with everything said above. You know your body and your timeline best.

We are planning to TTC in March and I only came off my pill at the beginning of February when I finished my last pack. We did not want to risk conceiving any earlier than February and are fine with it if it takes longer so it made sense to me to wait until then.

If I were you I would stop taking them after the honeymoon, but if you are worried it will take a while for your body to regulate and you want to TTC right away then a few months in advance might make more sense for you.

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lou belle
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Thanks mindutopia and karoolia! I think I'm getting hung up unnecessarily on conceiving immediately and getting the timing just right for a honeymoon baby... so silly I know!! Thank you both for the advise

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We are planning to try in November, but I came off my pill this week, had issues with chemical pregnancy x2 last time so want the pill out of my system just in case!

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I got pregnant on the first cycle off of BCP after 12 years of taking it, so it can happen quick!

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