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Lol with my son we DTD every day! Sometimes it's just random too.

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It is just random sometimes, no sway is perfect. Like Heather though we only DTD once that month too and I'm pretty certain it was O day or the day before at the earliest when I got pregnant with my DS. I really think the RepHresh was the important part for me. You may want to get a pH test strip to test your CM with it though and make sure it's actually making your pH level acidic because I've heard that for some women it can make their CM more alkaline.

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We are swaying for a girl as well and are using the Shettles method (timing BD a few days before O). I also heard that it's as simple as BD before O for a for a girl and after O for a boy - but I'd rather trust the Shettles timing.

I'm also only taking folic acid rather than prenatals.

I read that the Chinese gender calendar is 75% accurate. Obviously not scientific, but am going to go by that as well, because well, why not.

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Originally Posted by sarah34 View Post
There has been some advice on previous threads about this. I too would love a little girl. I plan on using refresh to lower ph levels xx
PH levels? Uhm, I'll do some research on that, thanks!

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