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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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Dying to try

First off, I'm SO glad to have found this forum. I've been feeling so alone in the dreaded WTT for so long! My husband and I have been together for 14 years, married 5 (high school sweethearts), and our plan has always been to wait about five years. I was honestly worried that I'd get to five years and still not be ready, so I'm relieved that I am and we are both on the same page.
Unfortunately, we've had some major projects and DIY renovations going on for quite some time, all while both of us work full time and have long commutes to work. We've both been "ready" for over a year, but bringing a baby into our world would have just been unfair to all of us! We also had some big travel dreams prior to having babies, which we've been able to accomplish some of We should be wrapping up renovations soon, so we decided July is our absolute deadline for starting to TTC. We're both so excited for this next chapter.
I can barely contain my excitement or anxiety though lol. It's ALL I can think about and talk to my husband about. I am such an OCD planner, though. Not knowing how long it'll take to conceive is enough to drive me mad, I'll tell ya.
And I also feel like everyone under the sun is announcing pregnancies lately. Even my SIL, who I never thought would have another (10-year age gap now between her youngst and this new little one). Assuming I'm next, this will literally be four straight years of pregnancies among the siblings in my husbands family. I almost feel like no one will even be excited and it'll just be a groan, like ughhh here we go again
To make matters worse, I am a maternity and newborn photographer. So every time I'm around clients, I'm just longing for it to finally be me in those shoes
Anyways, enough brooding
For those who already have at least one child, how many cycles did it take you to get a BFP? FWIW, my cycles are pretty regular and both of us are fit. I know that doesn't necessarily mean anything, though.

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Congratulations on setting a date to start trying! It will be here before you know it

It took us 3 cycles with our first and caught first try with our second

Best of luck to you! This is a great community and offers a lot of support. If you haven't stopped by already, check out the waiting and waiting 2017 mommies to be thread- you'll find a lot of people in the same place you are and are great to talk to!

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Sounds like you've done a great job of doing all the things you wanted to do pre-baby, which is so important. You appreciate it once life changes a bit. You'll be glad you made the most of it.

As for how long everyone is different, but it took us til the 2nd cycle both times. I'm also 36 and have been on the pill pretty much since I was 18, except for when I was pregnant. For most people it tends to happen pretty quickly, quicker than many people anticipate, so I wouldn't worry about that until you know you have a reason to. Good luck!

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I hope you get pregnant quickly
good luck

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I'm sure July will be here before you know it! It's great that you were able to do some fun pre-baby travelling and that you're both fully ready to take on the next chapter in your lives

Don't worry, I'm sure that your families will be really excited when you get pregnant as well. My SIL announced her pregnancy while I was pregnant with my youngest (the babies are only 6 months apart) and there was just as much excitement for her pregnancy as their was for mine.

As for how long it took - my first and second babies were conceived in 1 cycle. My third and fourth babies both took a year to conceive. However, I have Endometriosis and PCOS, so that played a factor into it.

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We got pregnant on the first try but it turned out to be a chemical pregnancy. On the third cycle I got pregnant with my first. We are also both relatively fit and healthy. I really think the average is 3 months.. hope that helps you to plan :P Congratulations and good luck!

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