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Zika & bugsprays

I am super concerned and anxious about the upcoming mosquito season. Does anyone have any recommendations for mosquito bug sprays? I get bit a lot every year, but this year it's giving me anxiety to think about. Not to mention we are thinking of going to Mexico this year, right around when we were planning to start TTC. Now I'm sort of freaking out about it. Anyone else dealing with this or have to deal with this last summer? Ughhhh

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For a mosquito spray, use something strong with DEET. As for TTC, I would probably either reschedule my trip or plan to wait until after you return and can both be tested for Zika before you start. I think with a positive test, the advice is to wait 6 months. At least if you can get tested you'll know either way and can make sure things are safe for when you did want to move forward. We were supposed to visit family in FL this spring and we just aren't. We'll see them another time. It's just not worth the risk for me.

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