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WTT (Still Undecided) Spotting/Implantation bleeding?

Wow it's been a while sense I've been on here!!

So I am a recently divorced mom of 4 who was pretty dead set on not having any more children. My new boyfriend is pretty positive that he can't have children (he has tried in the past with 2 of his ex's and nothing ever happened).

So since he is the only one I'm with, I decided it was safe for me to stop taking my birth control (these little hormonal pills HATE me). I finished my last pack on Feb 21st and got my period on Feb 23rd. It lasted 5 days and then stopped! This, for me, is fantastic because for the entire time that I was on birth control I was getting non-stop spotting and breakthrough bleeding that would last for weeks at a time.

So I'm currently on cycle 1 after stopping birth control, it's CD18 an I'm noticing pink spotting . My BF and I dtd on CD14 and CD17, but again, I don't think he can have children nor would it seem like a high chance to be getting pregnant so quickly.

Does this sound like hormonal imbalance from the "detoxing" of my birth control pills? Or could this be implantation bleeding?? I doubt the latter but you never really know. I wouldn't be upset either way, I just like to know whats going on!

Anyone else have a similar experience when coming off birthcontrol?

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It very likely could be your normal cycle starting up. It could also be that the breakthrough bleeding you got on the pill was less because of the pill and more because you're prone to breakthrough bleeding so could just be more of the same but with your own natural hormones. It seems a bit early for implantation bleeding based on your dates, but if you had sex earlier in the month and don't actually know when you ovulated, it certainly could be. That said, unless you're planning for more (and it doesn't sound like you're against it) I wouldn't trust the fact that the ex's didn't get pregnant as proof that your partner is infertile. I would want to have semen analysis done. It's possible he's perfectly fertile but his ex's weren't. But doesn't sound like it wotbe a bad thing either! Hope you get the answer you're hoping for either way.

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