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WTT NO4 advice please

hey all,
i dont know where to start so i'll give you a brief history first, me and my partner already have 3 children, my daughter 4 year old (26/12/12) my angel daughter who would be 2 (18/07/14) and my son 1 (20/09/15) my pregnancy wasn't great nor was my birth, recently me and my partner has decided to try for our 4th before he in his words 'gets old' hes 29 and im 23. we are going to transfer to a house from a flat in a few months and once we have settled in we will try but i dunno if we should wait until our son is in nursery and also i would like to get married first, so i'm in two minds yes i want to try again but same time no i dont, i would like to prepare my body before i do and get healthy as at the moment i'm unfit. What would you ladies suggest for me to do?
oh ive always wanted 4 munchkins
Thank you

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Honestly it sounds like you already know what you want. I had a chuckle at your OH's "before I get old" comment as if he had a biological clock to worry about at 29 years old. DH and I are 25 and 31 and feel like we still have plenty of time to consider more babies.
If you don't feel completely ready yet then don't feel too pressured to start trying until you feel 100% ready. Feel free to take a few months to "get healthier" at least and then see how you feel from there. There's no rush, at 23 and 29 you and your OH still have all of the time in the world for another baby.

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