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Those with 4 or more or wtt/ttc #4 or more

Hi I have 3 children, DD1 (12 in july), DD2 (2.5) and DS (3 months) and me and hubby are considering trying for a 4th probably in 2 years time.

So I wondered what's life like with 4 children? Did you always want 4 or more children or was it not an easy decision?(I mean was you back and forth over the idea before you decided). Did you get any negative comments or still do? What was your own personal reasons for wanting 4 or more children?

Me and hubby aren't at the certain stage at the moment and it's a very recent conversation that we said we might try for a 4th. I was just hoping to get other mums views who have larger families, sorry if my questions seem too personal but I thank everyone in advance for your replies

(Oh and I've also posted this same post in the TTC section)

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Hi there,

I have 4 kids. My 4th wasn't planned and was quite the surprise. When I found out I was pregnant my 1st thought was how am I going to manage? My youngest at the time was quite the challenge, I learned about a year later that she is autistic. My mom provided me with the encouragement I needed and I'm very glad I had a 4th. He was such a wonderful baby and to be honest I didn't feel that much of a difference going from 3 to 4, except for maybe at the baby stage due to having a daughter with autism. The kids all got along well. My sons older sisters were a huge help. Fast forward 15 years, my kids are mostly grown up now and I wouldn't change anything.

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I am raising three kids and DH and I will be having 1 more for sure, possibly more because we are obviously crazy

For me, deciding to have more kids was an easy decision. I've always wanted at least 4. I just love big families and I love being a's all I've ever wanted to do in life. My DH was a different story, though. My older kids are from my first marriage and it took DH a while to get used to the idea of being with someone with kids because he never (originally) wanted any kids. But he came around and realized it was actually pretty great so now we've got our son and will be having more. At this point, I'm not sure how many DH actually wants, but he went from no kids to 3 in just a couple years, so I think he's pretty confident in his ability to handle however many we have. He's an amazing dad and I think he loves having kids so much more than he ever thought he possibly could, so he's completely on board with having a few more.

I have another daughter (who I sadly lost to SIDS when she was 3 1/2 months). She was my third and when I got pregnant with her, I got all sorts of comments about why I wanted another. People figured since I already had a boy and a girl, I shouldn't want any more. No one has made any comments this time around but that's probably more because my youngest is my DH's first. I imagine that if we have a girl next and then decide to have another, the comments will start all over again. I don't worry about it very much, though. However many kids DH and I have is no one's business but ours. We're the ones who are taking care of them, so unless someone else starts to, their opinion doesn't matter.

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