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Need advice!!

Hello, all!!

So I need some advice on whether I'm testing too early or not.
Towards the end of February, my SO and I had an oopsie. So considering I'm on BC, I shrugged and figured it would kick in. BUT for the past couple weeks, I've noticed some serious bloating, some nausea, headaches, serious fatigue, also had some light spotting last week.
I took a test about a week ago, and it was negative. But I'm not sure if I'm testing too early or not.
What do y'all think?

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If you are having symptoms, you should be able to get an accurate result on a pregnancy test. If the oopsie was the end of February, you would be roughly 6-7 weeks pregnant now, so you should have been able to get an accurate result about 2-3 weeks ago. I've been pregnant twice and both times, got an obvious strong positive the day after I first felt symptoms, which was about 3-5 days before my period should have come (so when I was a bit over 3 weeks pregnant). So yes, definitely by now you would get an accurate result, but sometimes our bodies can play havoc on us, especially when we are stressed about something. I once went through some really awful stuff and also thought I might be pregnant and my period, which is never ever late, ended up being several days late. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative and my period eventually came. I'm pretty sure all the worry is what delayed it. I've also had a couple times when I wasn't trying and when I was on the pill that I very clearly felt pregnant, exhausted, nausea, headaches. It was exactly how I felt with my daughter. I wasn't. It was just my body being weird. Anyway, yes, at that point, I would trust the result you're getting, but maybe see your doctor just in case. Lots of things can cause us to feel like that.

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