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Super nausea, neg preg test, not trying!

We aren't trying to get pregnant and honestly don't have a ton of sex being that we have a 2 year old and 6 month old but for the past four days I've been super nauseas especially in the afternoons as well as crampy, two things I remember from both pregnancies. It's amazing how much you forget from your pregnancies!! I don't recall when I started being nauseas with them. But I'm also EBF my 6 month old and have no period, don't know if/when I'm ovulating, etc. Took a test this am, negative, internet cheapie. Is it possible to be nauseas well before a positive test? Both hubby and I have a feeling I'm pregnant. Like I say we aren't trying but only because we just started a business. It'd be a challenge right now but we would welcome baby #3 if we do find out we're pregnant, just curious what your experiences have been? Thanks!!!

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Could be. Wait a few days and try again! Have you had a period at all since baby? Have you noticed any fertile CM lately? You could also feel cramps and nauseous because you're close to ovulating and your body is getting used to those hormones associated with ovulating again. I know after I had my second that my symptoms around ovulation changed. I never used to get ovulation cramps before DS 2, but now I do. GL, momma!

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If you are feeling symptoms, I would expect you would be able to get a positive result, but you might not using a not so sensitive test. I've always gotten a positive the day after symptoms started, which was several days before my period would have come. It was really obvious and I knew I was pregnant both times before I even test. But both times I used a FRER and felt confident in the result. But it's also possible for our bodies to play tricks on me. I had another time when I felt so weird, really tired, moody, and suddenly super nauseous. I was sure I was pregnant (we weren't trying and I was on the pill). I felt exactly how I felt with my daughter. I wasn't, but I suspect it was just coincidental that I felt so tired and moody combined with getting what I'm pretty sure was food poisoning from some dodgy shellfish. But I felt like I was going crazy. I'd give it a few more days and see how you feel. And if you still feel off, take a better test and see what happens.

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I would honestly be inclined to say that something else is causing the cramps and nausea if you're getting negative tests, especially if you don't have a lot of sex, your baby is only 6 months old, and you haven't had a postpartum period yet. With both of mine I got a positive test long before I started feeling nauseous and I had like super morning sickness with both of them that needed to be managed with medication or I couldn't keep anything down from 6-21 weeks. I didn't test until 4+5 weeks with my DS because we weren't trying with him and I got a at 3+2 weeks with my DD. When my DD was around your baby's age I had similar symptoms and wasn't pregnant. I still don't know what caused it, it was just one of those random things.

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