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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Originally Posted by gillian.s View Post
Originally Posted by MammaBoBo View Post
I'm in a similar situation.
I have a 16 month old son and DH and I have decided we want another one but I also want to improve my health.
I'm also vegan but I love my junk food. I want to lose about 2.5 stone.
We are thinking about starting to Ttc in September.
Hopefully we'll end up bump buddies
Oh well hello fellow vegan lol you sound very similar to myself, 2.5 stone is my target too (but I'll be happy with 1). I think my main aim is to try not gain so much on this pregnancy, I gained 3.5 on my ds and was already over weight.
Any healthy vegan snack recommendations?
This was my other account I made because I lost the password to this account and then that account got shut down so I'm back to this account......confusing.

Basically I'm a carb-oholic......potatoes and rice are my whole life lol. I've started the Starch Solution (some amazing recipes in the book, if you want any I'll type them out for you).

I snack on roasted chickpeas, frozen grapes (ice was my craving when I was pregnant with my son and my love of chewing on frozen things is still lingering lol), carrot sticks, popcorn with nooch (nutritional yeast).

Yesterday I made some chickpea tofu (made with chickpea flour instead of soy) and it contains no fat, so I've been snacking on that and for breakfast I've been having it on rye toast and it's a similar consistency to scrambled egg.

Thing is my mum is living with us (after her marriage broke down) at the moment and she is vegan too and an amazing cook. She made sticky toffee pudding with vegan custard a couple of days ago and I ate way too much of it !

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lou belle
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Also trying to get my body baby ready!

From what I've been reading lately, folic acid is not as easily absorbed by the body as folate. Have you been advised to take a higher dose of folic acid this time? Other than that I'm trying to cut down on sugar, empty carbs and trying really hard to drink more water and eat small regular, nutritious protein rich meals. I'm also getting married in 5 weeks so there's added motivation! As far as exercise goes, I'm walking and doing some light jogging. My OH sewers by the body coach's hiit sessions for toning up so I really must start them this week!!

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