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Mid cycle spotting

Not really sure if this post belongs here, but it seems like the best place to me. So, my cycles have been regular since I was 17, and even when I got my copper iud in, April 2015, they were fine, except that is when I started spotting or bleeding between cycles. I had ultrasounds and nothing seemed to be the problem within my reproductive organs... I just attributed it to the iud and the fact that my partner was well endowed. Anyway, fast forward to December 2016, my partner and I decided to get the iud out and ever since then, my cycle has been changing. My first cycle post iud removal, was 32 days long (up from 27). My following cycle was 29, and the next was 26. No spotting at all happened within those cycles. Now this cycle, I have been spotting nearly every other day (im on CD 14 now). I did ovulate today as I was using opks this month to check that I was still fertile (i worry about my fertility as I am now 29!), but I am worried about this spotting!

Has anyone experienced this?should I be concerned?!

Thanks in advance!

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