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So broody now! But really want to wait for a Spring baby

So, nothing's really holding us back from conceiving now. For the last year we'd been wanting to TTC but I didn't have my periods back because of breastfeeding. I night weaned my 2 year old son and my periods came back and I've had 3 cycles so far. We did try the first cycle but my lp was only 5 days. The last two cycles I've chickened out because I'm not sure about having another winter baby. I'm not sure I want two kids with birthdays so close. Reason #2 is I'd like to not be stuck indoors with an active 3 year old and newborn when it's bloody cold outside...
Having all my attention on baby#1 in the winter was fine though. We really didn't need to go outside. He did get a cold at a month old though.

It's so hard waiting. I really want to get pregnant and have another baby but these reasons are keeping me second guessing.

Anybody else really wanting a spring baby? Maybe it'll help me wait if I have someone else with me

I think we can actually TTC in June...

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We didn't actively decide to have a spring baby but it is looking like that will be the case for us too. We were supposed to start ttc in march but I am waiting for a dignosis of Celiac so we put it on hold for a few months. I am hoping we can start ttc in the next month so will probably be ttc at the same time.

My son was born in June and it was a nice time to have a newborn as we could go out and about for walks and enjoy the nice weather. Does your 3 yr old go to nursery or anything? I am hoping to keep my son in nursery at least a couple of days a week so I can focus a bit of time on a newborn xx

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I'm also super broody at the moment. Maybe something in the air! We are waiting to try in August/september time aiming for a late spring baby. I am adamant not to be pregnant in the summer again it was hellish last time! We are waiting for many reasons 1. Money 2. My DS to be in full time school 3. To go on holidays and attend events throughout this year. Once we've done all we want to do were going to try hopefully x

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Me too
But my second baby isn't even 6 months.
I know I should wait a bit
But my heart doesn't want me to.
I'm bf with no af do probably wouldn't even happen.
And oh isn't on board yet

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I'd love a spring baby, but have started TTC anyway no matter what cause I don't see the point in waiting, it will happen when it will happen! We've been TTC for 5 months now.

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I'd love a late spring or early summer baby! DD's birthday is a month after Christmas, so money is tight around then. Also this year (first year in school) she got all sorts of viruses and whatnot... I'd really not want to deal with that with a newborn! June-July would be the sweet spot for delivering... however we decided to go ahead and start trying. We tried last September-December, then took a break.

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