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lou belle
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I'd like to be more patient, I went 7 days over due with DD and from 37 weeks I got obsessed with getting myself into labour. I wouldn't get my waters broken like I did last time. I was in slow labour for nearly 24 hours, went to hospital where they offered to break my waters. I was just really tired so I went for it to bring on active labour. My labour actually stalled and they had to put me on oxytocin to increase the pains. Didn't progress well at all as baby was not coping well with the oxytocin! I was sorry I hadn't just stayed at home and tried to sleep!!

I would also try to breastfeed for longer and just try to be more relaxed and confident so I could enjoy the baby more!

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Originally Posted by MindUtopia View Post
I would be more confident that I really did know what I was doing and trust my gut. We parent in a way that is pretty much contrary to what everyone seems to think makes for an 'easy' baby. We bedshared, she never slept in a cot for naps at all (always in a wrap or in our arms or in a pushchair when she was older and we were out), we fed to sleep, never left her to cry, etc., etc. Though I truly felt it was the easiest and best way and it worked well for us, I always wondered if one day it would all come crashing down and we'd realise we somehow did something 'wrong' and made life really hard for all of us. Nope, never happened. She's confident and still easy going and outgoing. She sleeps great. We bedshared until she was 3.5 (and got plenty of sleep in the process) and then one day she announced she'd sleep in her own room and just started doing it. She's really lovely to be around and very kind. We must have done something right, even when so many people had all sorts of horror stories about the trouble we were setting ourselves up for. I'd do it all exactly the same next time, but I would be much more confident in listening to my own intuition now that I know how things are when you finally come out the other side. I also hope I relax and enjoy it all more. With your first, you don't know what you're doing, so sometimes it's hard to just sit down and enjoy the process. But this next baby will be our last, so I hope I can appreciate it all more.
Thats so lovely! Everyone has a horror story to tell so well done for carrying on doing what you were doing. I would like to chill out more 2nd time round too, i eas diagnosed with ocd and anxiety after having my first but due to therapy and meds i feel alot more in control of my mind and a stronger person for it. Wiahing you well in trying for no2 xx

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