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Anyone else WTT because of unstable circumstances?

I'm graduating from my undergrad degree in a few weeks but OH has another year left until he graduates. Also, I've just confirmed my place on an one year long MA course after winning a (fantastic) scholarship opportunity. After that I hope to do a PhD (though haven't ruled out ttc during that). We don't know where we'll be living next year yet and we're definitely going to be poor for the foreseeable future - as well as having next to no free time.

BUT I'm still super broody My friends are starting to have babies now so I'm constantly surrounded by pregnant women/ tiny babies. I'm forever celebrating these events at baby showers / welcome to the world parties. It's so petty but I feel sad because when I fell pregnant at 18 with our daughter I felt so ashamed with myself and did none of this nice stuff. Plus, our daughter is turning two this summer and I'm starting to worry about a large age gap / her being lonely.

I'm only 21, OH is 25. We have loads of time. But nonetheless it's making me fed up! *moan*

Anyone else in the same boat of having to fix stuff before ttc?

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My partner and I are wanting to try for a baby, because I only have a small amount of time that I am actually able to conceive in (due to health issues). Im 19 and I am at uni (in a 6 year course)!! So stuck in a little bit of a cross roads.. How did you cope with uni and a little one???

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