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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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Maybe? Symptom Help

12 days ago my fiance and I had sex without a condom (we've been using the pull out method for about a year and I haven't been on birth control for quite sometime) and he came and we continued. This was during, according to mydays app, my fertile/ovulation days, though towards the end. For the last week or so I'd been pretty tired but I was chalking this up to the rainy weather we'd been having and yesterday I had white, milky discharge and today mild cramping. I typically don't have discharge and usually my cramping doesn't start until a few days before my period. Today would be day 12 after intercourse which I read could mean this is implantation cramping and discharge. My breasts are also slightly tender. Any thoughts? Can anyone advise if you've had similiar symptoms so early on? I'm pretty in tune with my body and am just at a bit of a loss here. We are getting married next month and planned on trying shortly after so this would just be a bit of an early surprise.

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I'd suggest waiting a couple days (so that if that was implantation, HCG has the time it need to double for a positive), and then test. In that time AF could come too and save you from limbo. When are you due AF?

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