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Originally Posted by fairytales87 View Post
Originally Posted by odd_socks View Post
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Originally Posted by odd_socks View Post
May I ask where you got AMH test? I've been trying to have one done and was told i have to go private? Are you in the Uk?
Hi, I'm in Dublin Ireland. I got it done in a fertility clinic called SIMS. It cost 160
Thank you. Sorry to butt in on your post lol it's just hard to know where to go with so many online x
Odd socks are you in the UK? If so you can ask your GP to complete it some will some won't
Some private clinics will do just an AMH for you at a low cost but sometimes it's more beneficial to have a fertility check "MOT" package completed. Hope this helps

Hi, yes I'm in the UK. I asked my old GP and he didn't even know what AMH was! Lol I won't be seeing him again.
That does help thank you, I had looked online but was lots of places offering it but wanted to make sure it's genuine.
I'm in my 30s now and have alot of premenopausal symptoms so I really want it checking before it's too late m

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Odd_socks - any fertility clinic will do it. I have had miscarriages and had AmH, fsh, estradiol and vitamin D tested. It was around 250 i think but totally worth it for peace of mind.

I also had my uterus and tubes checked. Here is an example of one

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There is no evidence that I am aware of that they could use to say you'll be infertile within a year of an amh reading of 7! Yes that is quite low for your age and if you want more children you would be best advised to ttc asap but no one can say how quickly your fertility will decline or at what point you would be infertile. There are many many many cases of spontaneous pregnancy ending in live birth after an undectable level of amh!

I had a spontaneous pregnancy first month ttc in 2011 which ended in my dd. 18 months later my amh was 3 so I doubt it was as high as 7 when I conceived and I was not infertile within a year as I concieved twice after that and had another baby.

Good luck on your journey, I hope bfp happens quickly for you. Ps maybe read up on DHEA, it has helped lots of people with low amh.

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