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Has anyone used ovulation tests? I use ovia and don't know what is right or wrong?

Hi girls,
I'm new to this. I have been using the ovia app and according to the app my fertile days were Monday 3rd July to Saturday 8th July. However I bought some cheap ovulation tests and I done one on Friday and it said negative. I done one on Sunday it also said negative I done one on Monday and t was positive I then did one again this morning and it was negative again I'm really lost and confused. We TTC on Wednesday night last week which was by ovia 5 days before ovulation but I'm so confused about the whole fertile thing and my periods are never the same time every month either.
Thanks in advance. X

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I've never heard of this Ovia app. What data exactly are you feeding into it to get your fertile days? If you did an ovulation test yesterday that was positive, you usually ovulate 12-24 hours after your first positive test, so that would be today. If you haven't entered data like temps or ovulation test dates from previous cycles, it's just taking a wild guess. I would trust the opks and how your body feels (cervical mucus, ovulation pains) more than anything. It sounds like it's given you a general range though, which was somewhat correct because it sounds like you will ovulate in the range, just earlier.

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If you don't have regular cycles, an app like ovia isn't going to be accurate for you. Odds are, if your periods are different every cycle, you don't ovulate the same time every cycle. Your best bet would be using ovulation tests and temping/charting.

The TTC forums are a wealth of information (this one is Waiting to Try). Also, the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility will probably be really helpful for you.

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The apps are not 100% accurate. They generally go by the average cycle, unless you edit them (you CAN edit most of them - I don't know if you can for Ovia. I have it but don't use it often) to your personal cycle. My cycle follows a normal pattern, so I find that the apps usually are accurate for me.

I rely more on ovulation tests, though. I just don't recommend using the cheap ones. They were rarely accurate.

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