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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Late Ovulation?

I am new to this so bear with me on the terms. I may not word it right. The start of my last period was 6/20, which from everything I read put ovulation at 7/4. I am not charting anything just generalized time frames used. We were thinking we were in the clear and had unprotected sex 7/9-10. I was in a very stressful situation around 6/30 on pretty much all that week. Starting 7/12-13 I've been cramping like I am about to start my period again and persistently nauseous. The cramping is extremely unusual for me this early. At most I usually feel this the day before or first day of and that is it. I shouldn't start again til 7/18. My heart races some when I get nauseous as well. We are both 32 and this would be our first. While I am not opposed to the idea really, we just have not been actively trying and I am wondering if the stress may have delayed ovulation enough that we caught the end of it timing wise. I am also have mildly sharp pains on the lower right side off and on (only like 3-4 times). Thoughts? Guess this coming week will tell more either way. Thanks everyone

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