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DS is eight months old and DH and I are already thinking about when we want to try for number 2. We know we want them to be close in age so we have thought about perhaps ttc at the end of the year around DS's first birthday. It's my plan to cut down on caffeine, wine etc from next month and try to eat healthier/exercise for the next few months in preparation and so it has suddenly hit me how close we are to potentionally TTC.

I have to admit I'm a little worried that having them close together will make it hard to make sure DS has the right amount of attention and time he needs. I know just how demanding a newborn/baby can be. I hate the idea of him feeling left out or forgotten about. I would wait longer to start TTC but after our long journey to DS (see signature) I'm loathe to hang around. Was/is anyone else worried about this when having TTC#2?

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DH and I have just recently discussed TTC in April, and that feels really soon for us! Since having our son a year ago, time has been flying by.

I too am worried about the age difference, but that will be the best time for us. If we skip that chance, the age gap will be much larger than we would like.

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