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Wtt no3, again!

We've set a date to ttc Nov/Dec time after going back and forth for months/years. Dh has been on the fence and I've tried to convince myself it's not a good idea it's for the best to stick with 2 etc and I've had periods of time where I've truly felt content and happy that we decided to stick with 2. I've even gone on the pill, but despite that still now the thought keeps coming back so I think it's safe to say it's what I really want, although scary. But then I was scared with no 1&2 too!

If I'm still feeling like this after all this time,( It was always a possibility after ds2 was born- something we would consider in the future but I've really thought about it seriously for the past 2 years at least). I can't see that its going to go and I've tried to get on with having 2 who are now just turned 7&4 but as I say the thought Lwaus comes back. I'd of liked a slightly smaller gap of 4ish years between middle and youngest but due to getting marrrid and trying to convince myself otherwise it's ended up it's going to be slightly bigger at 5 years, still not too bad. But I wouldn't want to leave it any longer, dh can see that I've tried and he has agreed and is happy to go ahead.
So it's all abit scary and I feel a little crazy going for 3 but it does feel right. I've got that nervous/excited feeling �� And can't believe I'm going to get to do it all again, as well as having the slightly bigger family I've always wanted ��
So I'm coming off the pill and starting to track my cycles from this week!

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I completely understand you feeling nervous about having a third. I feel exactly the same, I think that's pretty normal. I've heard lots of lovely things about having 3, they just fit right in with the routine. There is 4 years between my 2 girls, littlest will be starting school next year, I don't want to wait much longer. Congratulations on deciding for a new little one! xx

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Awww congrats hun and good luck with ttc #3.

My youngest is 2 and there's only a 14 month gap between him and his big sister... I can't wait to have another, but dh wants a bigger age gap and when I think back to how exhausting it was I tend to agree... but I don't want to wait longer...

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We've just decided to try again in January.. for number 4 !! But our first was twins so was a buy one get one free deal - it's taken us 6 months of back n forth like yourself.. but now excited.

I'm also starting to track my cycles from today ...

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