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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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WTT but possible oops?

Long story short, my husband and I have 3 LOs. Our youngest will be 2 in a fee months and I am JUST now getting him weaned (really only nursing at night now). We've been using NFP as bc since he was born and my cycles have been pretty regular. So this weekend when the chart said all clear, we believed it.
Fast forward to yesterday and I find myself with EWCM. Figured it was a fluke, forgot about it. Today, EWCM again so I decide to take an old OPK (we are talking 5 years old here ). STRONG positive on that sucker.
I know people hate these posts, but I'm trying to get some input on what I should expect. From what I've read, I should still be in the clear as I would have only OV today, but I've never really used OPK so I don't know exactly how accurate that line of thinking would be.

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Don't normally OPKs have expiry dates?! Remember ones I've used in the past had under 2 years until expiry.
Think it's something like 5 days sperm can survive for so i think there still might be a chance of pregnancy if you did ovulate yesterday.

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Yeh deffo still a chance of pregancy! My hubby and i went with the 'oh its only once' the day afer my af had finished..thinking i wouldn't get pregnant. Well you should have seen the shock on my face when i took a test and it was positive lol that was literally one time. I always used to think people made up them stories when they said we only did it once lol x

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