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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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period still going ...

So I'm currently on day 7 of my period, normally I have a 3-5 day period at most. but the last few months my cycles have gotten shorter and shorter. My period is showing no signs of slowing down.

I'm going to be ttc from Oct 1st.

I'm so nervous and worried that these messed up periods are a sign of something like PCOS or Endometriosis. Loads of stuff like that runs in the maternal side of my family. I'm so worried that just as I'm about to start trying for a baby I'm going to be told I have fertility problems

I'm just in need of someone to tell me to pull my shit together and I'm just being stupid

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Big hugs

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Hi Lou,

Sorry to hear that you are feeling stressed out, that's no fun when you should be looking forward to beginning trying to conceive.

If you have a history of conditions in your family, is it possible for you to book an appointment with your GP and ask to be referred for some tests?

I know it's not always too easy here in the UK to just get referrals like that, but sounds like you would have a fairly good reason to (sudden change in cycles, family history etc.)

You're definitely not being stupid so I'm not going to tell you that

Your new shorter cycles could just be "one of those things", but if it is something like PCOS that can affect fertility, then please know that there would be so many options out there! I follow a couple of really nice threads which have a real mixture of people at different stages in their TTC journeys, feel free to head on over and join us!

TTC #1- Looking for buddies!

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