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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hello I need help

So I woke this morning with a few cramps, I have been getting these cramps since my period stop in June. I went to the bathroom yesterday and after I wiped I noticed a very small pen dot size amount of blood and a little light brown blood sorta what it look likes when your period has ended. I put on a pad thinking my period was finally coming after not having one since June. But the pad remained spotless throughout the day, I didn't get another drop yesterday. So this morning it happen again, a small dot size of blood and then nothing after. I don't know what to think because even though I haven't had a period since June I seen a doctor and he ruled out pregnancy. My periods are somewhat irregular, sometimes it comes in 30 days, sometimes it comes in 34 days. I also had a bi yearly checkup a last Monday and my tests came back normal and i dont have any diseases or health issues. I asked my doctor about giving me something to jumpstart my cycle but he said he wants to see if it will come natural before he gives me the medication since i had irregular periods this may just be a long cycle for me. So When I saw the drop of blood yesterday, I thought finally its here but nothing. I'm so confused. I have never experienced "spottting" my period usually just comes with sort of a noticeable gush followed by a low flowing feeling. Its hard to explain but when it comes I know that its there but Im feeling and seeing nothing with this. I called and scheduled another appointment with my doctor but I want get to see him till the end of the month. I'm confused because no period and spotting is usually a sign of a pregnancy but I was given a urine test when I went in Last week and it was negative. I Talked to my mom and she thinks its implantation bleeding and wants me to drive 3 hours back home to see the family doctor. But I dont think its implantation bleeding because I had sex a few days before I went in for that physical and if I had gotten pregnant from that it would have showed on the urine test they gave me. I'm just confused right now and really hate that I have to wait till the end of this month to see the doctor. I want to take a pregnancy test but want to wait a few days to see if my period will actually come. Any Advice?

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Spotting isn't really a common sign of pregnancy. Yes, some women have spotting in pregnancy, but it's much more common when you aren't pregnant, especially if you have irregular periods. But it takes about 2 weeks from ovulation for your body to produce enough hormones for a pregnancy test to show a positive test. So if you had sex (and got pregnant because you were ovulating) and then took a test only a few days later at the doctor, it likely wouldn't have been accurate yet. If you think it's possible you could be pregnant, I would take another test. At least that way you'll know one way or another. But I would still follow up with your doctor even if it's negative as it's not normal to miss your period for months at a time and there likely a clear explanation.

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Hi! I don't know how often you've been sexually active since your missing period in July and on, so I wouldn't be able to give you a definite confirmation. While pregnancy is a possibility, there is also some bloodwork to be done to confirm that your ovaries are functioning properly.
If you think you may be pregnant, here is a general timeline for confirming pregnancy:
If you were sexually active in June, an at-home (urine) pregnancy test would've come up positive by beginning-middle August if you are pregnant.
If you were active in July, an at-home pregnancy test would've come up positive by the end of August.
If you were active in early-mid August, you would have a positive by now if you were pregnant.
If you were active in the later part of August, it could still be too early to tell- give it until this Friday!
I definitely think it's a good idea to check back in with a dr. I wouldn't cancel your appointment for later this month. A missing period may have to do with your ovaries, and the only way to begin the process to confirm that is through bloodwork.
In the meantime, while you wait for your dr's appointment, I would keep busy with the things you love to do as much as possible! Meet up with friends, hang out with family, enjoy!

(I, like you, have periods that are 30-34 days - longer than average, so I understand the pregnancy scare that comes with each long wait! lol)

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anyway - good luck!