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Anyone else waiting to TTC so they can lose weight?

Hi I'm Kris, i have a lovely 2yr old and i am eager to have #2. We are waiting to TTC so i can lose weight. Im just above 300lbs and ready get on track. I don't have the best relationship with food so it's going to be a struggle. But im determined to come out of this healthier and hopefully start TTC this year.

Anyone else waiting to TTC bevause of your weight?
How do you stay on track?

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We're not waiting until I've lost weight we're just waiting until we both feel its right but im spending that time shedding a few lbs and trying to eat as best i can. I'm trying to exercise when i can to get my body stronger as my last pregnancy i had a hard time staying active due to being a lazy oaf the first few months and due to the sheer size i got whilst pregnant. Good for you though, feeling better in yourself will make a huge difference to you. Rooting for you x

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Im waiting for a number of reasons
One of which is weightloss
I'm 3 stone down .
4 to go.
Aiming at next Aug ish for TTC
But that could be sooner or later
Bf ing my 9 month old at the mo and no AF.
Also have 4 yr old boy.
I'm using my fitness pal, walking and just trying to eat better.
What r ye doing xxx

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We are waiting to try for a number of reasons, including weight loss (under the purpose of feeling and being healthier)

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Good luck

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Good luck!

We are also waiting...I don't want to wait too long as I feel the clock is ticking. But we are waiting for many reasons, one being weight loss. I need to lose around 10 kgs.

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I'm in a similar situation to a few of you ladies. Desperate to start trying for baby #2 however I need to lose some weight first. I didn't have a very good experience in my first pregnancy and was treated pretty appallingly by the medical staff due to my weight, despite my pregnancy being very healthy in itself. I don't want to experience it the second time around.

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