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Waiting for Vasectomy Reversal then TTC

Here is a little of my back story. My husband and I met in 2006. We hit it off straight away and although we were quite young, things got serious quick.
In 2007 we fell pregnant which was a complete shock as I was told I would need help to fall pregnant when I was 14 as I do not ovulate due to PCOS.
We found out we were having a little girl and were scared but over the moon. Then in April 2008, our world shattered into pieces and I went into pre-term labour and gave birth to our daughter days before I was 24 weeks pregnant and she only lived for an hour. We were absolutely heart broken.
My doctor invited us back to the hospital about 6 weeks later and told us that there was nothing wrong with the placenta and there was no reason for it to happen. He referred us directly to the fertility clinic and I was put on metformin and clomid. After trying for months, nothing happened and it took a strain on our relationship so we decided to stop and focus on us.
That month was the month we fell pregnant again. I had a smooth pregnancy but my waters broke at 33 weeks and my son followed 4 days later weight 6 lbs!! and he was totally healthy.
We knew we wanted more but decided to enjoy our son.
Then in 2013, my husbands Grandfather passed away so we traveled to Portsmouth for his funeral. We stopped off at Swindon our way home and that night our second son was made.
He was a definite shock but again a wanted surprise.
My pregnancy with him was very difficult. I suffered with bleeding, SPD and high blood pressure. I was in constant pain and I hate to admit, but I just wanted the pregnancy to be over with.
I gave birth to a healthy boy at 38 weeks weight 9lbs 2oz.

While I was pregnant with our second son, my husband felt so guilty for not being able to help with the pain, he went to our GP and asked for a vasectomy as he never wanted me to go through that again.
Baring in mind I was pregnant and he was only 27, they agreed to refer him. When our son was 4 months old, we went to an appointment which was meant to be a counselling session however when they called him in, they said they had a cancellation so were going to do his straight away.
The day after he had it done, he instantly regretted it. He knew I was against the idea and begged him not to do it but he thought it was for the best.

Fast forward nearly 4 years to today. My husband and I are now looking for a consultant to reverse his vasectomy. We visited our GP and were told under no circumstances will they reverse it so we are saving hard for the 3000 reversal.

I am too scared to get excited however I can't help but have butterflies and really hope that we can have him successfully reversed and I pray we can go on to have another healthy baby.

I will not lie to you. I really hope we have have a daughter however if we go on to have more boys, that's amazing too. As long as they are happy and healthy, we will be over the moon.

I will try and update this with our progress as it goes.

Feel free to comment if you are going through something similar or if you just want to ask a question.

Wish us luck!!

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My DH didn't have the greatest upbringing and wasn't sure he even wanted kids because he was afraid of them having to endure what he and his siblings did. After meeting me he agreed to 3 but after my second son (our third pregnancy) and finding out I had Lupus he got a Vasectomy. 2 yrs ago our youngest passed away and DH realized we have soo much love to give and that having a large family isn't bad. He went in for the reversal in Sept. Numbers looked great in Oct and then an infection! We know are on yet another antibiotic and aren't scheduled for another test until Dec. Of course part of what helps get things right again is for men to practice but its put you in limbo wondering if you were even able to until the next appointment!!! Hope all goes well. Unfortunately his was a Vas to Epidimus on both sides so our chances are lower but hoping a Vas to Vas is possible for ya'll!

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