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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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Help please!!

I'm so broody all the time and my baby fever is at an all time high. I'm still really young, so young that i'm embarrassed to admit my age on here. I'm using contraception but I've been experiencing pregnancy-like symptoms. The waiting to take a test is killing me. My boyfriend is at uni and I'm terrified I'll end up being a single mother until he's done, but a big part of me is secretly hoping that I am pregnant. I feel like no one my age can really relate to my feelings and I figured people on here would. Any way of dealing with this intense broodiness? Its actually beginning to really affect my daily life, I'm constantly looking at babies, watching films and documentaries about children and families and I even work in a nursery. I feel desperate now! Any ideas?x

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Don't feed into your baby fever! Watching documentaries and thinking about it all the time (although I know it's hard) will not help at all. Maybe think of something that you can do to occupy your mind and your time. Become obsessed with something else, it might be hard to train your brain to do that, but it helps Good luck!

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