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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Back here again :( </3

I have come back to join the lovely ladies waiting to try. I am settling in for the long haul. A whole bunch of stuff happened with my now ex husband, after our Miscarriage in Feburary (he blamed me sadly) and I had a friend who I had known for a long time who was going to help me conceive, we got closer ended up becoming a couple, and now his trip to NYC has potentially become indefinite. I am currently still stuck in Canada well we're waiting to find out if he's staying there permanently. Then we can get my visa stuff started. In the mean time tho, I've been asked to go back on birth control for a it may be a few months, it may be a year or two depending on what happens. All I know is it sucks and my baby fever is killing me :'( one friend of mine just had her DD and the other just found out she is having a girl. It's all around me, my cousin is pregnant.

Here I am stuck waiting for an indefinite amount of time at least I have you lovely ladies

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