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Whatís everyone doing to prepare for TTC?
I had two difficult pregnancies (so am probably a bit mad to be trying for a third!) and also struggled to conceive both times. So Iím trying to be as healthy as possible going into TTC and then (hopefully!) pregnancy. I found a low GI diet helped last time and Iím also going to start folic acid a couple of months before we start trying again. I want to improve my physical fitness too.

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For me quit any alcohol, take pregnacare concieve and switch to de caf coffee, I found it easy ish to concieve first time but had a worrying pregnancy due to medical conditions. I was told by my specialist to eat as healthy as I could x

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We are going to start TTC May and I'm starting back at slimming world on Monday and I'm planning on starting back up at my fitness classes. I'm also thinking about trying the gender swaying methods as I'd like to sway for a girl after 4 boys but not decided yet as I really don't mind if we have another boy.

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convince my hubbie to go for #3

but really, regardless if we are done or have another, my goals are the same. im a week and a half into a new diet/exercise plan. im still working on not snacking so much but have lost 5 pounds already! I gained 68 in my last pregnancy (baby just turned one) and have lost 35 of it so right about halfway.

i also would need to have my baby fully weaned and STTN before trying.

Finally, I would really really love to take a trip with just me and my husband. We are thinking of going to Banff, Canada next February (so when the youngest would be barely over 2). It would be our first time being sans kids in almost 5 years at that point and would really like to make that trip not pregnant (but might be fun to start trying on it lol)

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We're still deciding if we're going to have #3 or not (well, I'm deciding, hubby is ready to start trying whenever), but I'm trying to get back to where I was physically before getting pregnant with DS (4 lbs left!). I was at a great weight with him, regularly exercised, and was able to keep my weight under 25lbs and exercise to the end with him. Had an easy, uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery, and was back to exercising a week after he arrived. If we have a third I want to try to have that same experience again!

Would also like our oldest in school fulltime and our second more independent and hopefully out of diapers so we're only buying diapers again for one. So maybe later this year or sometime next year if we do go for another!

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