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Natural family planning gone wrong?

Hi ladies,*

This is not really a TTC question but I need some help from those of you who have been tracking your cycles for a long time.

I have always ovulated on day 18 for the past 10 years or so (I'm 29 now) with a few exceptions. I decided to start doing natural family planning by avoiding my fertile days as I am pretty regular. It's been working so far.*

This month we dtd on day 9 of my cycle. A whole 9 days before ovulation so I'm in my safe zone right? Well so i thought... every day since then ive been experiencing fertile looking discharge but I've been passing it off as just semen however, this morning I woke up to a huuuge glob of EWCM?! On day 13??*

What is going on? I'm in a daze atm. Could this be semen residue a whole 4 days later? Did the hormones in the sperm bring forward my ovulation date? What's happening I'm so confused?! Help! Does anyone have any experience with this?

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I really wouldn't think it would be semen 4 days later. Usually within the first 12-24 it's all gone. So 4 days is... really unlikely to say the least. Sperm wouldn't bring forward your ovulation date either. Well, if you say you're day 13, and you still have EWCM, maybe it's the beginning for your fertile days. It's not a 100%, but usually, your ovulate the day you have no more fertile mucus, so if you have still fertile mucus for 2-3 days, it could still take you up to ovulation day being day 16ish.

I'm pretty regular, (cycle always between 27-29, ovulation always around 14), and I've had a few surprises along the years, (day 18, day 11), that snuck in, it can happen.

You're not taking your temperature? If not, I'd go by the fact that you still have fertile mucus, meaning you're in fertile day, but you wouldn't have ovulated yet. Your regular day 18 might not be out just yet!

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