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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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WTT due to Wedding?

I'm curious to see what others would do...

We literally just decided to start trying for our third this coming week. Then we found out today that my cousin got engaged and their wedding, which my kids are in, will be Oct 29 in Disneyworld! if I got pregnant right away, I'd be due the end of October. So -- that's been put on hold so I can at least attend. However, now im hesitant to even start trying until after the wedding. Maybe I'm being selfish, but I REALLY don't want to be pregnant in Disney. I don't want to wait to try but I'd really like to enjoy Disney. I'm a ride junkie so I'd totally miss out.

If it matters, I'm turning 28 this year. My son turns 5 in April and my daughter turns 3 on Halloween. I'm so torn. Any advice, insight, etc. Would be great. My husband obviously doesn't want to wait and says it won't be so bad, but understands that it's my body....

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I was in a similar situation !
We want to try for no3 in a few months but DH brother proposed to his Girlfiend and they wanted me to be bridesmaid. We decided to leave it and try after the wedding but now they have pushed their wedding back until next year so I was kinda confused as to start trying now or wait till after there wedding next year

As it stands we are going to start trying Soon lol. I was as confused as you but then decided a new addition to our family is more important than a wedding. Their plans may even change yet! . I totally understand weíre you are coming from though as I didnít want to be pregnant at the wedding never mind travelling anywhere

Iíve no real advice sorry other than go with your heart. Our children were born the same year lol you never know we might be bump buddies !!

Good luck with whatever you decide XX

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Personally I'd wait. You're still young. If it was a normal wedding I wouldn't wait but this sounds awesome!! You could see it as your last trip away as a family before adding. I think it's a nice way to end the family of 4 chapter and move to the next

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