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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Me and my wife both of us are turning 31 this year. We are planning to have our 1st kid my next year. I've read that after 30+ years in general there will be complications etc and it will affect the baby. I've read several misleading/confusing online articles etc that's why wanted to post here and get some genuine advice..

Let's say my wife is 32 will she have any major complication giving birth? or will it affect the child?

Kevin S

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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It's not a question you can really give a simple answer to but I'll try.

Women are born with all of their eggs and do not produce any more, so bearing that in mind, the "quality" of these eggs could reduce as the woman (and the eggs) get older. It's generally said that the older the mother the higher the risk of abnormalities but as with anything, it's not for certain and definitely doesn't mean that the moment your wife turns 30 she will definitely encounter complications.

I believe once a pregnant woman is 35 years old or older, she is classed as a geriatric mother but there are many women of this age range and older who deliver perfectly healthy babies.

I wouldn't worry but I would encourage you to research as much as possible just so you are aware. Google is your friend

For your info, I'm going to be at least 29 years old when I have my first baby and although I understand there are risks (as with most things) I'm not worried.

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No, there really shouldn't be any significantly different risk just because you're 31/32 and not 30. I think generally after 40 (for the mum), pregnancy is considered a bit more high risk generally speaking. But in your 30s, no her pregnancy won't be treated any differently as anyone else's who is 25.

That's not to say that she might not have complications, during pregnancy or birth, but they won't necessarily be related to her age. They would be complications that equally a 21 year old could have. There is a slightly greater risk of fertility problems after about 30-35, meaning it may take longer to get pregnant than if you both were 20. But the difference really is negligible. Most people in their 30s conceive relatively easily and have trouble free pregnancies and births.

I had my 1st at 32 and am due at any moment with my 2nd at 37. My age has never been raised as an issue at all in either of my pregnancies. I've had easy, straightforward, low risk pregnancies. I've not had any extra monitoring, etc. because of my age. I've had 1 lovely, easy, natural birth and planning another (both home births).

Over 40 generally is considered a bit more high risk, and any age with pre-existing health issues will raise a few red flags. But many people have their firsts in their 30s now and most have no problems at all.

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