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Hi Iíll be 31 in June, we already have 4 boys 💙! They are almost 10, 7 next month, 5 and 17 months.
Hubby agreed today that he wants to have our fifth too, but wants us to get some stuff in order first like me do my driving lessons and save up to buy a second car for me to use, plus we have a holiday in October and i want to spend the next few months getting healthy and losing a little weight too.

The complicated part is that we actually has a vasectomy after our third baby and then a reversal so that we could have our fourth! This took us 20 months due to antibodies so fingers crossed it doesnít take as long again.

OP it sounds like a complicated birth with the twisting etc might be best to just double check why you where told to wait 2 years before having anymore? How long has it been so far? Xx

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