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Originally Posted by kksy9b View Post
Honestly I dont think about it much! My littlest one is 15 months and getting into my favorite stage and my 4 year old has grown so much lately! With the weather finally nice we have been filling our days playing outside and making up little adventures...doesnt leave much time to think about our maybe baby #3. And the fact that DS2 has been sleeping SO well the last 2 weeks (knock on wood), Im not eager to jump back into sleepless nights anytime soon lol
can i call take-backs?? The last couple days I've been fatigued and super emotional which is out of the norm. There have also been a couple times when ive had to break DS2 off nursing because of sensitivities (tmi but i basically lost sensation when DS1 was nursing LOL). So then I started thinking and realized we DTD a couple times close to O. While I think its unlikely to be preggo (I feel 99%) and my "symptoms" are a result of DS2 drastically slowing night nursing (meaning abnormal hormone fluctuations), now I cant stop thinking about it!

I am on the fence for #3 and DH is on team lets be done. But the past 24 hours has me wanting to go for one more! Ahh..aa bit maddening! I have no idea where I am in my cycle but AF should be here sometime in the next few days to a week so maybe after she shows I can get back to not obsessing haha

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We have a boy who's 11 now. We are planning on the second one. 2020 is our year too

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This is the group for me! I'm getting antsy waiting to try for a 1st in 2020. In the mean time I need to finish off my masters and find some real work with pay, let alone maternity leave, so thinking about babies is a wonderful distraction from all of that!

I've been reading all-sorts of books (some reassuring, some scary) and listening to pregnancy and mummy podcasts to beat the blues. So many of my friends got pregnant or had babies this year, it's so hard waiting for my turn too!

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2020 , early , waiting

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