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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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Looking for advice/input or just to vent...

Hello! I'm looking to any advice/input and also just to vent. DH (34) & I (32) have 2 daughters (9 & 4). I feel like we always assumed we'd be done after 2 kids but as soon as my second was born, I started wondering if we were done. The topic has come up several times between DH & I over the last few years and we go back and fourth. I frequently feel like I'd like to have another and he's pretty adamant he doesn't want anymore. When our first 2 were born, I worked outside the home and we struggled emotionally and financially with daycare. We are much more financially secure now, have our own home, and I run a home daycare so the baby would be home with me.

Well I stopped taking birth control several months ago and we've discussed whether to do something permanent for birth control or not. In the meantime, we had just been using condoms, timing, and pulling out. We had unprotected sex several weeks ago which ended in a pregnancy but then chemical Now I'm thinking about it more than ever....I was so excited when I saw the BFP. Now I'm not sure if DH will want another and I'm scared to try myself. I'm worried about having 3 kiddos and about having another MC.

Ideas/thoughts/input welcome

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Hi Missy!
I'm not sure I have any advice or anything but I'm in a similar situation to you.

We have 2 boys and always thought we'd only have 2 kids, but after #2 was born I knew I wanted a 3rd. DH was happy to have a 3rd and we started TTC in Dec last year, falling pregnant straight away but sadly ended in MMC at the end of Jan We are just waiting one cycle before starting TTC again, hopefully next month.

I also run daycare from home so the only downside to having another of my own is that I'll go back to only being able to have 2 extras - the ratio is 4 under school age including your own, my eldest just started school so I'm back to having 3 extras and my youngest, which is a little extra income for us at the moment.

Although I'd love #3 to be a girl, I will be happy with having a healthy baby and I'm not worried about having 3 children of my own as I think I do pretty well with having the daycare children (sometimes up to 6 at once with schoolies!). They also say that going from 2-3 kids of your own is easier than 1-2.

I am scared about miscarrying again, however the lovely thought of having another bub of my own outweighs that risk and fear.

all the best xx

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