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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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I don't take my temp or chart but I do keep track of my cycle in two separate apps - Flo and Glow - and keep track of my cm, cervix position and feel. Plus symptoms throughout the month.

I started tracking my periods and reading the signs about 5 months before we tried getting pregnant with our son in 2016 and we had him Feb 2017. I've been just keeping track of my signs and symptoms since then. We use the pullout method during my fertile period and don't use any protective methods during the rest of the month. We've now successfully gone 18 months without a slip up or scare.

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Mum (Mom)
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We use this with the pull out method on my fertile days. However I did get pregnant last month but it ended up being a chemical pregnancy. Before I started tracking my temperature, we just used the pull out method for years and never got pregnant unless we were “trying”! I have never been on birth control and my cycles have always been regular so mine are pretty cut and dry! But last month, we dtd 5 days before ovulation, used the pull out until 2 days after O. So one of those days had the “1st place swimmer”! Haha.

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