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Yes, I was worried about this before I had #2, and when she did come, I did have moments where I missed the one-on-one time with my dd1. In fact, I think I had more of those moments than most people, and for longer. However, I didnít for a second regret having another child! She filled me with so much joy as well, and having her around is SO worth not having the one-on-one time with dd1 anymore. Also, now that dd2 is past the baby stage, I am making more of an effort to take dd1 on mommy-daughter dates just the two of us. You can still make time for just you and your older son when you have 2.

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I felt like this before I had our 2nd. I found the baby bit extremely hard with my daughter and now that she was older it was so much easier and my OH had changed jobs too which meant I was able to have some free time again. My daughter was never desperate for a baby but as soon as I told her I was Pregnant she was excited and has absolutely thrived on being a big sister. There was a couple of weeks where she said she didn't enjoy having a baby brother but surprisingly it wasn't at the beginning it was when she was on holiday at Easter time and the baby was 2 months old. I think it stemmed from going to stay with my mum for a night (her first ever sleepover without me) and my mum spoiled her rotten so she came back and decided our house was no longer fun. Anyway it onyl lasted a day or so and now she dotes on her brother and he is always looking for her. There is 4.5 years between my two and to be it was the perfect age gap. My daughter starts school after summer and I am looking forward to doing more classes and groups with my son like I did with my daughter. I just make sure I spend quality time just me and her at the weekend. Now that I have the two I couldn't imagine my life any other way. Yes it has its moments of being a bit manic but at least it's never dull

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