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WTT 2020! Goals & plans?

Hi, feels like forever since I’ve been on here. I originally joined when I was ttc in 2013/14 and our beautiful daughter was born May 2014.

I now keep thinking about no. 2. We’ve provisionally set end of 2020 beginning of 21 as ttc, we really just don’t feel ready yet and have a few goals / things we want to do; we are getting married in the summer, buy a house, furnish the new house, go on a couple more holidays and have some specific savings set aside for baby to cover mat leave etc. Does any one else have any goals whilst their waiting?

Or anyone else crazy like me and feel Broody but with forever to wait!


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I don't feel particularly broody but I am starting to get a little excited. My baby is 9 months and is just starting to sleep a bit better so it's been a bit rough after a hard pregnancy I'm not in any hurry to do it again. But I'll be glad for her to have a sibling. She will be 2.5 when we start trying. Starting December 2019 or January 2020. No real goals as we've accomplished most of what we want. But we are going to Peru February 2019 on top of our vacations this year. Just enjoying life right now. A few house projects but nothing huge. Just some painting and decoration and get lots of planting done outside. Just loving life and enjoying where we are at. Then we will complete our family in another 2 years.

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I plan to try this October. My goals for before then are get healthy, I'm starting back at the gym tomorrow
Save more money
Declutter my home
Enjoy lots of time with my son

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