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Panicking about going from 1 to 2

I'm worried about the lack of sleep from a new baby and still having to function and do everything that I do now for my 5 year old

I know people manage cos they have no choice but I'm sort of thinking do I want this? Can I handle it?

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I'm thinking the same thing. My first is only 10 months so I'm definitely not ready yet. But the lack of sleep is a huge deterrent for me. I just feel like my family wouldn't be complete, I always talk about "the kids" when talking about the future.

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I'm with you. But mine is 11 months, and we are going to start trying in just two short months. In the long term, I definitely want a second, but the reality of having a baby and a toddler terrifies me, especially as a full time working mom.

My first was really, really difficult baby for the first 5-6 months, and it's so hard to imagine being THAT tired plus having a toddler. And even silly things like how in the hell will I get all of us out the door in the morning and get to work? These things dominate my thoughts every day. But I try to imagine life 10 yrs from now, and how I'll feel if we don't have "kids" and our son doesn't have a sibling. When I think about I like that, I do believe it's worth it. But man oh man do you I feel ya on the dread and fear parts!

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My first was 6 weeks past her second birthday when her sister arrived. Pregnancy was tiring as you had a toddler to chase. I would try and catch a nap in the afternoon with her. In the beginning it is hard until you find your feet. It is totally possible and both my girls are good sleepers which helps. If you've had a bad night then a slow day always helps. Also if you have any help someone that could take your eldest for a hour to let you sleep? It is hard but its not forever! X

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