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Not sure I belong in here 😂

Iím Hannah and Iím mummy to 6 year old Layla and 3 year old George. I was regular on this site while pregnant with both babies 😊

Iím in a very happy new relationship after the breakdown of the relationship with my babies dad. He was a controlling asshole!

Anyway me and my wonderful partner would like to have a baby (he has no children of his own) and also my daughter keeps pestering him for a baby sister 🙈. The thing is he would really like a baby, but he keeps saying when the time is right, which is fine I already have 2 and Iím not in a rush, but he then tells me but what if I keep waiting for the right time and them itís to late, heís 26, not 46 I keep telling him itís fine to wait but from experience I know your never really ready until it happens, but he canít keep to make his mind up and heís scared of the whole deal. I keep reassuring him as Iím already a parent that itís actually easier than he thinks, then he says about the financial side.. bare in mind me both hold down good full time jobs, heís a manager at a supermarket which pays exceptionally well and Iím a childrenís support worker, so we are not really short of money (some of the time, serial spender here &#128584

Anyone have advice on how I can put his mind at rest, it annoys me because I know just how easy things are having a baby and itís really nothing to be scared of where as he is a big bag of anxiety and Iíd like to shake him because one day he will turn around and want a child and Iíll already be a grandmother at this point 😂

Sorry for the long post!

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Talk to him tell him what you know from your experience. My OH has put up with me talking about being broody so he's had alot of it thrown at him already and he decided it was time to make a plan

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