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#3 possibility ?!

Hi all. Quick recap of where we are at. We have two girls who are 8 (9 in July) and 5 (6 in September).

(Possible trigger)

In 2016 we lost our third baby to which we had to have him removed in Hospital due to my body not recognising he had no heartbeat.
So technically this would be number 4. I really really want another baby. Iím 27 this year and I really donít want to be having a baby past 30. (Personal preference) my husband is so set against any more but then will occasionally mention a baby. For example: I went to the doctors to referred for weight loss surgery and my husband asked me the other day if surgery would make me not able to have any more children? I donít pressure him and to be honest hardly mention babies to him but when I do he replies with no more ever.
He says he wants to be able to have our own house first. (We rent from my friend. Husband is self employed and doesnít make enough for a mortgage even though we know we could afford one itís just proving it! Realistically we couldnít afford the deposit sadly until my nana passes (obviously I would much rather have my nan!) as I have 20% of the sale of her house.

I just feel so down and depressed. I know this baby would never ever replace the one we lost but I feel empty ! Everybody always says I was meant to be a mum and thatís all I ever want to be. I have two already but really just feel like one more would fill this hole I have. Obviously my husband says after the next it would be one more and so on. I know that wouldnít happen as after Iím 30 then there defo wonít be any more.

Any ideas on how to approach my husband? I try not to say anything as I donít want arguments to break out!

Thanks ladies

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So sorry for your loss. I completely understand your desperation for another one. No advice on how to get your husband to come around, but I hope he does!

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