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is it ever the right time

Hi Ladies,
me & hubby are considering ntnp/ttc these next few months for baby #2.

We had a VERY difficult 1st baby who may I add has turned out to be an amazing little girl I think I suffered with postnatal depression, it was 6 months of hell. She cried pretty much non stop, I know all babies cry but this was something else.

Anyway that behind us we got over it & are looking at try for #2. However there are 1 of 2 reasons am worried its not the right time.

First I just don't know if I'd cope with an activity toddler & another very difficult baby.

Secondly my husband the main bread winner of our family is looking to set up his own roofing company. Now I work but only part time & will be on maternity for 9 months so very low pay.

Should we wait or continue ntnp. Is anytime really the right time.

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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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This is one reason why we are waiting at the moment. My partner says he wants us to be more ‘ready’ financially etc and I’m not sure I would cope with a bad pregnancy/labour again. I guess we have to weigh it up. Would be regret it more going for it or not going for it??

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In my opinion there isn't ever a right time to have a baby, but there can always be a wrong time.

If we all waited for the perfect time we'd never have them

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Bumblebee, what age is your other child? I had a similar baby, cried and moaned a lot, never seemed content, hardly slept. I also had rotational forceps and took months to heal from that. So feels like there’s a lot at stake when thinking about baby #2

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