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Gain 70 lbs with first one ... how to not do that again!?!

Hey Everyone! My name is Claire, I am 34. My husband and I have a 4 year old son and I am WTT (finishing my last birth control pack).

With my first pregnancy in the first trimester I was SOOO nauseated and all that made me feel better was EATING greasy food. I gain like 20 lbs. And the rest of the pregnancy wasn't much better. I ended up gaining 70 lbs. All my numbers were great, the doctor was not concerned, and baby boy was healthy.

BUT... it took me nearly 2.5 years to loose that weight. And I am scared as I am approaching this again.

I lean towards "feeding the baby" even when I am slightly hungry. I eat very healthy foods, but certainly I ate too much in my first pregnancy.

Did anybody else go through this? How do you plan to stay fit and healthy?

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I was already overweight before 1st pregnancy. My pre preg weight to right before delivery was 22 lb. I tried to eat healthy foods if I felt hungry. I ate loads of fruits!! I tried to stay somewhat active. I was blessed and turned off sweets so that helped keep me from gaining so much.

I don't think you have any extra calorie needs in 1st tri. "Eating for 2" is not a good motto to go by either.

Maybe you should address with dr at 1st prenatal when the time comes.

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Posts: 1,602 is something I been using forever!!! It will help you log the foods you are eating so you can pay attention to that. I would try to take walks or do something active. I only gained 30 lbs with both of my pregnancies but I was also skinny to start with for my first pregnancy and not as skinny with the 2nd but I was unable to eat certain foods myself and I didn't like sweets either with my daughter or son so hopefully for me that will be the same this time around. Good luck to you!!

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