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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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We cant decide between WTT or simply go for it!

Sort of new to this forum (I used it many, many years ago when i got pregnant with my daughter!)

Anyways, so my partner and I really want to have a baby. itís something weíve both talked about it and the bottomline is we both want it and the sooner the better.

There are a few things that prevent us from trying; I started my new job three months ago so I donít know if Iíd qualify for maternity leave or not.

His very dragged out divorce and current parental alienation of his other children.

So the ďsensibleĒ us say itís best too wait until Iím established in my new role and to wait and see how his custody battle goes. But we get all broody when we see babies or even families with young children.

The latest thing we agreed on was that we would not actively try, but simply wonít prevent... however that involves removing my IUD so top me that seems like actively trying!!

We genuinely just donít know what to do!!

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I wouldn't let the unfortunate custody battle deter your plans, but I would personally look into when you'd be eligible for maternity leave. Chances are by time you had baby you'd be fine, but I'd definitely find out for sure unless your financially secure enough that it wouldn't bother you. To me waiting a few months would be worth making sure I could afford diapers etc.

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