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Im 28 years old and my BF is 32 years old. We will be TTC in May 2011. This will be our first together. Both of us each have a son. My LO is going to be 3 in July next year and my BF's son will be 5 next year. So It is time for another one. I wanted to wait and have an age gap between kids cause I just don't think its good to have kids close in age due to the fact that schools are not cheap.

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I'm 31 and Oh is 36. Together for going on 12 years now, married for almost 7.
We'd be NTNP#2, but I had an emergency c-section and I'd like to be able to try for a VBAC so waiting a bit.
Don't have a date as such, but I'm running out of pills in a few months so may not bother getting more. I haven't gotten AF back yet either as I'm BF, so who knows!
Current plan is to probably definitely start NTNP in April and actively TTC after the LO is a year, so July.

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not in my 30's just get, 26 soon and really feel we have to TTC soon!

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Can I join too?

DH and I are both 31, we had our son at 30 and for medical, sanity and financial reasons are waiting a while before ttc #2!

I conceived easily with Harry (first month of ntnp!) and hope the same will apply second time around. However, like my mum (and her mum) my first labour experience was loooong and complicated (hence the medical reasons). Harry is also an awful sleeper so we would like to have a few good nights sleep before a newborn keeps us up again!

As I work in education we thought having a baby late August/early September would be good cos then I can start Mat leave the day before term starts and return to work the day after the summer holidays start meaning I get longer at home with a baby. Obviously that means conceiving around November/December so itll be either 2011 or 2012 when we ttc. At the mo I am leaning more towards 2012 cos if I had another emergency c-section, blood transufsion etc (like with Harry) then I wouldn't want to be chasing a toddler around the house while also looking after a newborn and with restricted mobility!

If it all goes to plan we'll be 33 when trying and 34 when the baby is born.
I know it's a long way off, but I can't wait!

to all those now ttc!


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