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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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I always wonder this, is testing very expensive?

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As long as you ovulate, a 30 something day cycle is fine :-)

A good cycle off the pill for me is 33-36. Average is anything between 26-35 I read some where, but plenty of people with longer cycles get prego!

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i knw how u feel im worryed i been on the pill for a while now when i was younger im 20 now and i had another baby talk with fiance last night coz its playing on my mind it could take years or months soo he understands it and he sed wait for couple of weeks and we can start trying incase it take awhile im glad now but this month he knows i havnt taken the pill every night i dont think im that lucky to work this time but next month im not going back on the pill coz it could take ages and i dont want to be 25 when i get my 1st lol

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zoe your so lucky your OH agreed just like this. I'm 24 now and I feel its so my time to have my first now, but OH just doesn't see that. I'm gonna try and play the fertility card with our next baby talk. now hoping for regular cycles.

how long does it usually take to get back to normal cycles after you have been on the pill?
I've been on it for 8 years and it's been a relatively high dosage one i think. does that affect the cylces?

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Old Oct 1st, 2010, 17:28 PM   15
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i'm on the same page

I was on the pills for about 9 years! After I'd finished the last pack, I had my period 35 days later.
This month is my 2nd try TTC.
I'm 29 y.o, so not so young anymore.
Today is day 11, still waiting for my ovulation day.
I'm so worried that it won't come. Gosh. It's so hard to stay optimist.

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I worry about this all the time. It is nice to see others out there, too.

Guess I shouldnt worry until the worrying time is here.

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Good bump Bartlettpear...I always worry about this- currently 32, OH's 36 this year, and latest is he's talking about WTT for another 2 time's not really on my side, esp as I want 2-3 actually fills me with dread...

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This constantly worries me I am 30, 31 in April and OH is 32, 33 in April by the time we TTC I will be 32 and OH will be 34!! This really worries me what if it takes us a year or more and then what if there are problems!

I chart now as I want to know what my cycles and body are doing but OH had problems with his testicles and had an operation on them in his early 20's so we don't know what effect that is going to have had etc etc the list goes on of my worries

I just hope that everything will be fine

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I'm also starting to stress out about this. We've spent 10 years preventing a pregnancy. Therefore I just assumed it will be so easy to fall pregnant and I expect i'll stress out if months go by when we start trying and we don't get pregnant. In reality I know it's not easy to get pregnant, especially when you read some of the posts from those ttc and those long term trying to conceive.

It seems you worry when wtt, worry ttc, worry through pregnancy and then the worry really starts when they arrive!

My husband and I are fit and healthy 30-year-olds. I have regular cycles so surely the odds are in our favour?

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Unless you've actually got good reason to be worrying, then assume everything is normal until you find out otherwise.

I think these sorts of sites attract a higher percentage of people who are struggling with TTC than is naturally representative of the general population. If you're having problems you'd want to find out more information and talk to other people in a similar situation to see what they've been trying etc., wouldn't you...

I think most people don't actively TTC, but just get on with regular shagging and see what happens!

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